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How much does the CBT cost?
Our current CBT rate is set at £135 during the week or £145 at weekends.
What type of licence do I need?
To take a CBT Training Course you will require one of the following:
  • UK Provisional Licence (Both photo card and paper counterpart)
  • UK Full Car Licence (Both photo card and paper counterpart)
  • EU Licence (With a UK paper counterpart)
It is very important that you have both parts of your driving licence as without these complete you will not be able to carry out any training and will be required to rebook.
Can I do the CBT with a foreign driving licence?
If you have a EU licence, you will need to obtain a UK paper counterpart from the DVLA. For any other licences outside of the EU, these will need to be replaced for UK driving licences by the DVLA before you can take a CBT.
What equipment do I need?
We provide everything you need on the day. Our course fee includes bike hire, clothing (helmet, jacket, gloves, waterproof trousers) and all insurances required for you to complete your training.
Where do I take the CBT training?
The CBT training is divided into a number of different elements the first parts of a CBT course is carried out on our DSA Approved training grounds (off road) where you will learn the basic controls. Later on in the course you will be taken out on the road to experience some real-life riding where the instructor can accurately observe your abilities.
How long is a CBT training course take?
Generally a CBT training course is approximately 7-8 hours long, however this can vary depending on the level of experience and additional assistance you may require.
What type of bike will I take my CBT on?
Our CBT training fleet is made up of 50cc scooters (automatic) and Honda CG, Honda XR and Suzuki VanVan 125cc motorcycles (manual).
What do I need to wear on the day?
You will need to wear sensible clothing – we suggest jeans and boots / trainers. Strictly no shorts, sandals or flip-flops. The type of suitable clothing will be confirmed in your booking e-mail.
Is there anything I need to learn or revise before taking my CBT?
Whilst there is nothing specific, we would strongly recommend that you should have some knowledge of the Highway Code. We would strongly advise that you purchase and read a copy before coming for your CBT training.
Do I need to take a theory test before coming to do my CBT training?
No, a theory test is only required for a full motorcycle licence and not for a CBT.
How many students are there in a class?
Our classes are made up of no more than 4 students. When carrying out the road ride element of the CBT training two students will be taken out per instructor.
What happens if I do not meet the satisfactory level?
If you are unable to demonstrate to the instructor that you are able to complete all of the required tasks to the standard set by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), they will advise you of what you need to do to in order to improve in this area. You will then be invited back to re-take the CBT training at a reduced rate of £60.
Do you guarantee that I will pass my CBT training?
Unfortunately not, as all of our students come from a varied background with a multitude of experience levels we are unable to offer a guarantee. However we always try our hardest to guide you through the CBT training in the easiest method possible.
Is lunch provided with my CBT training?
We do not provide lunch with our CBT packages, you are advised to bring a packed lunch with you and we have plenty of free tea and coffee!
Will I be able to take passengers with me after taking my CBT training?
No, you will not be able to carry passengers and you must display L-plates at the front and rear of your vehicle. This will be explained in more detail to you during your training course.
What type of bike will I be able to ride once I have completed my CBT training?
You will be entitled to ride any scooter or motorcycle up to a 125cc with a power output of up to 14.6bhp. If you are 16 years old you will only be able to ride a 50cc moped that is restricted to 30mph.
Can I ride a manual motorcycle if I take my CBT training on an automatic scooter?
If you are 16 years old, you are limited to a 50cc moped (automatic or geared) with a maximum speed of 30mph. If you are over 16 years old you will be able to ride both automatic or manual scooters or motorcycles up to 125cc regardless of the machine you took your CBT training on.
Will my CBT training be cancelled if it rains?
The CBT training is designed to train you to ride according to your abilities in all conditions, this includes all weather conditions. However if your instructor feels that the weather conditions have made it unsafe for you to continue your training they will terminate the course.

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